Course Catalog Wintersemester 2021/2022 - Modules

Version Date 25.09.2022

This shows all offered courses in Wintersemester 2021/2022%, grouped by study program and their modules::


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Bachelor Informatik

Diplom Informatik, PO 2010

Master Informatik


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Medieninformatik, Bachelor

Medieninformatik, Diplom 2004

Medieninformatik, Master


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Diplom Informationssystemtechnik, PO ab 2010

(Internationale) Master-Studiengänge

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Computational Logic

Computational Modeling and Simulation, Master, PO 2018

Computational Modeling and Simulation, Master, PO 2020

Computational Science and Engineering

Distributed Systems Engineering, PO 2010

Master Distributed Systems Engineering, PO 2020


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Lehramt, Staatsexamen, Berufsbildende Schulen

Lehramt, Staatsexamen, Gymnasium (berufsbegleitende Qualifizierung)

Lehramt, Staatsexamen, Gymnasium

Lehramt, Staatsexamen, Oberschulen

Lehramt, Staatsexamen, Oberschule (berufsbegleitende Qualifizierung)

weitere Angebote

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Fakultative Fächer



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  • ZVZ ... Time is to be announced or will be set on agreement between course participants
  • AVO ... Room is to be announced or will be set on agreement between course participants


  • wöch. ... weekly
  • 1. Wo ... odd calendar week
  • 2. Wo ... even calendar week

semester as defined in the exam regulation. The modules are shown with their starting semester, thus modules taking more than one semester to complete may be shown with a lower semester number than the students actually have..

master level This course is intended for students in the master and diploma programs. This course is optional and only recommended for students with advanced knowledge.

module In addition to the modules of the Bachelor/Master/Diplom Informatik, Medieninformatik and Informationssystemtechnik programs the following modules for other study programs have been defined:

  • MCL-* ... Master Computational Logic
  • DSE-10* ... Master Distributed Systems Engineering (PO 2010)
  • DSE-14* ... Master Distributed Systems Engineering (PO 2014)
  • INF-LA* ... Bachelor/Master in Teachers Study Program
  • INF-SE* ... Staatsexamen Lehramt (Gymnasium, Mittelschule, berufsbildende Schulen)

and the following pseudo modules for older non-modularized study programs

  • INF-04* ... Diplom Informatik, exam and/or study regulation as of 2004
  • MINF-04* ... Diplom Medieninformatik, exam and/or study regulation as of 2004
  • IST-05* ... Diplom Informationssystemtechnik, exam and/or study regulations as of 2005-2010
  • INF-LE* ... Courses offered to students of other departments
  • FAK-INF-FF ... Fakultative Lehrveranstaltungen für alle Studierende an der Fakultät Informatik

Exams The type and duration of exams are defined in the module handbook. Exceptions thereof are modules INF-AQUA, INF-B-510/20/30/40, INF-B-610 and INF-D-940 - the offered courses explicitly state the exam type and duration. Possible exam types are as follows::

  • Presentation and seminar paper
  • P(m) ... oral Exam (with stated duration)
  • P(s) ... written exam (with stated duration)
  • P(PP) ... Practical course protocol / Lab protocol
  • P(sA) ... written excerpt
  • P(PA) ... project paper
  • P(PE) ... gradeable outcome of a internship or project

Course Catalog Wintersemester 2021/2022 - Modules